Want to get into Sheridan's Animation Program? Watch Rebecca Simpson (and family)'s interview to find out how you can make your dreams come true with PortPrep! Need more info? Check out the livestream we did with Rebecca at our Summer Portfolio Camp!

Are you feeling stressed about your art portfolio for college acceptance? Are you wondering if you should ask for help on your art portfolio from PortPrep's instuctor Karen Kesteloot? Listen to why these students love her teaching.
Do you want to know how to impress the profs with your animation portfolio? Creative ideas are paramount! Learning in a group inspires more creative ideas. Hear why Mary loved our animation summer camp experience.

I GOT AN OFFER!!!!!!Yes the uni in London! I cannot believe it I cried  so much when I found out! Words cannot explain how grateful I am for your help! I mean you got me where I wanted to be and I didn’t think it was possible in a week and a half!
— Victoria Cox, Interior Design, University of Arts London, England
This morning I was accepted into the Animation program for fall 2015! As hard as I worked on my portfolio, I absolutely owe this acceptance to the two of you. My improvement over the last two months has been unbelievable, and there is no doubt in my mind that I would be where I am with my skills had it not been for your mentoring. Thank you so much for the time and effort you invested in me. I can’t say enough times how grateful I am.
— Rebecca Simpson, Sheridan College Animation
I got accepted into Ringling’s Computer Animation program!! I’m very proud and grateful, they had the most applications they’ve ever had this year—I think somewhere around 450-500? And only 60 seats! I still can’t believe I made it. And good news! I got my financial aid package from Ringling, and they gave me $40,000 over four years. As for SVA’s Traditional Animation program, I have received $2k in grants and $5k in federal work study.
Your lessons were very impactful. Now, whenever I draw something, I try to develop a hierarchy of contrast with my values first. It’s become an instinct. I go through your study guide whenever I’m feeling low on inspiration or want to try something new.
— Sia, 3D Computer Animation, Ringling College USA
I just found out I got into RISD!! And I received a $23,000 merit scholarship for the next school year! I also got into Mass Art and College of Charleston but RISD by far the best! Thank you so much again for your help. Your coaching definitely helped me to push myself that extra bit I needed, and definitely helped me to feel more confident in my work.
— Caroline Silverman, Illustration, RISD USA
I’m Ngoc, a student from Vietnam with plans to study graphic design I’ve been taking weekly online classes with Karen Kesteloot. Before starting these classes, I lacked drawing skills and didn’t know how to develop my ideas. Thanks to Karen and the videos she gave me, I’m now doing well with my portfolio. I can draw much better now and I have some creative works that I can feel proud of. Since starting with Karen I have been accepted to NAFA College. Karen did such a great job explaining all the details.
— Ngoc Le, Vietnam Graphic Design, NAFA College, Singapore
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Juilee is thrilled to get the offer of admission from the OCAD U. Karen’s Port Prep was instrumental in Juilee getting the admission offer at OCAD University, and we highly recommend her services to students considering a career in Art.
— Juilee Raje Museum Studies OCADU, Canada, Sonal, Juilee’s mother
My daughter Alanna worked with Karen from November until March this past year while in the process of applying to art schools to do a Bachelor of Illustration. We first heard about Karen when we attended a National Portfolio Assessment Day at OCADU in Toronto. The advice and teaching that Karen gave Alanna was invaluable as she got accepted to both illustration programs she applied to and was able to accept the offer at Sheridan - the program of her dreams and a program that back in the fall she said she was not even going to apply to because she felt she “was not good enough”. So as a parent I feel really grateful that we made that phone call to her.
— Michelle Campbell mother of Alanna Illustration Sheridan Canada
I just got another offer from Pratt with $12000 scholarship! It seems very attractive...but I think I will still choose SVA...it’s my dream school after all! Thx again!
— Cici of Mainland China, Illustration SVA New York USA
Just letting you know I was accepted to every school I applied to which includes OCAD and Emily Carr. I’m very excited. Thank you very much for all your help.
— Maya of Ottawa, Drawing and Painting, OCADU Canada
I was one of the first handful of students that they picked out of the entire pile for the 127 people that would get in out the 4000 applicants. If you can take ‘no clue’ to early acceptance in only a month and half! That’s pretty impressive! Karen I would totally recommend your teaching. I would totally recommend that people talk to you. You are very knowledgeable. You know the whole thing inside and out. I am so glad that you were there.
— Adam Ryerson Architectural Science, Toronto Canada