One-on-One Mentoring

If you’re looking for art mentoring that’s a little more personalized and one-on-one, we’ve got some options.


Personal Art Mentorship Program

The Personal Art Mentorship includes the creation of a personal study curriculum that is created based on the student submitting their current artwork, some of their artistic goals (even if very general), and what they feel their current strengths and weaknesses are.  Once I create their curriculum, I will then send it to the student at beginning of the course, which might look something like this one (half complete, to allow for some flexibility). Small sample of below.

Once the student feels good about the trajectory of their mentorship, we decide on a weekly time to meet for our 1-hour online meet up, and an additional mid-week check-in date, where they submit their work in progress with any questions they have. This mid-week check-in ensures that the student isn't feeling lost half way through a week's assignment. When they send me their work, I create a 30-minute video drawing over their work-in-progress to make sure they're on track, and also answering any questions they have.

Me speaking live with a student while I work in Adobe Photoshop with the students artwork. I'm suggesting different approaches to drawing a cartoony head from this view.

During the 1-hour online meet up, I draw directly on top of the students work in Adobe Photoshop to correct or simply show multiple ways of solving the problems. Any time throughout this meet up, the students are free to ask questions about the work, or anything else related to working as an artist.  This 1-hour meet up is recorded and viewable any time from a private Youtube link.

The idea of this mentorship is to provide a superior experience to an in-class experience with a teacher. In high school, college, or university, students often get very little personal time with a teacher, because there are so many other students to distribute the teacher's time across. With this online method, I can be much more attentive to the specific needs of the student, and encourage or correct them in exactly the right way.  

Painting by Louis Emile Adan in 1914.

I created this mentorship after being dissatisfied with other online classes which I found similar to the experience above, except that there were around 30 people in an online webinar (even worse!). From my experience, to truly learn and improve, you need to have an experience that is as similar as possible to the old fashioned apprenticeship system.  With my method there is the added bonus of viewing the online meet-ups, and mid-week check-in videos at any time after they occur! Teachers will sometimes mention something in-class, but if the students don't have a notebook nearby, they may miss key instructions, so this ensures that this doesn't happen.


This personalized mentorship is currently available in 4, 8, or 12 week segments, and they are priced as follows:

  • 4-week - $530.00            ($132.50 / week)

  • 8-week - $889.17             ($111.15 / week)

  • 12-week -  $1,250.00       ($104.17 / week)

What if you don't know where to begin?

No problem. I have some standard curriculum built related to these categories of art-learning:

  • Illustration / Concept Art

    • Focus on composition, drawing, colour theory, painting, storytelling.

    • Can be realistic or stylized / cartoony.

    • Can be traditional drawn and/or painted or digitally.

  • Figure Drawing / Anatomy

    • Focus of realistic proportions of human being, conveying convincing sense of weight and 3-dimensionality.

    • Can focus on gestures or sustained drawing.

    • Can go over all muscles and skeleton of human body.

    • Preference of using traditional materials to draw with.

  • Comics / Storyboarding

    • Focus on simple drawing, but conveying a story.

    • Can be drawn traditionally or digitally.

    • Will discuss different ways of "shooting a scene".

  • Project-Focused Artwork

    • Focus on a student's existing project that they'd like help with.

    • Can discuss whatever is relevant from the above categories to apply to the student's work.

    • Focus on completion of project.

Hourly Artistic Tutoring

If you’d like to have a slightly looser schedule, where we’ll just book 1-2 hour sessions as you need them, that’s possible too. For this service, just contact us below and tell us what you’re looking for.

For this, we charge $95 / hour +HST

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