Welcome to PortPrep!

Who are we?

We are art portfolio coaches for all of the visual arts but specialize in animation, illustration, and architecture. If you’re trying to get into top ranked art colleges in North American art colleges like Sheridan, OCADU, Ryerson, Calarts, RSID, Parsons. Pratt or SVA, or any other dream school we can help you get accepted and even receive scholarships!

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Upcoming Classes

This batch of classes begins in April 2019, get your early bird tickets now!


If you’ve come because you want to be a professional artist, you’ve come to the right place.

PortPrep has been helping students get into art school for over 10 years. If this is the first time you’ve found us, here’s a cheat sheet of some of what we do:

  • We give students a FREE portfolio assessment - all we need is photos of your artwork, and an idea where you’re applying

  • Regular 8-week online classes, one of the most accessible art classes online

  • Yearly Animation Summer Camp in Guelph, Ontario, Canada (where we’re based)

  • One-on-one mentorships, if you’re looking for immediate, direct improvement from our teachers.

  • We regularly update our Art Resources pages with all kinds of helpful goodies for students who are itching to learn and improve their art on their own

  • We occasionally write new blog posts around the subjects of: art improvement, art inspiration, getting into College or University programs, and even have the occasionally guest writer of students who we’ve taught who are now pursuing their artistic dreams in their chosen program!

  • If you’d just like to see what we’re up to, we use Instagram the most, then Facebook, then, occasionally, Twitter.

  • All follow our teachers too! Garth Laidlaw’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, Anthony DiGiovanni’s Instagram and Artstation

  • Just want to ask us a question? Contact us!