2-5pm EDT in The Study, 3rd floor, 10C Carden Shared Space at 42 Carden St


Are You Worried About Your Drawing Skill Abilities? Learn How to Draw More Accurately with This In Person Hands On Course!

if you are interested in applying to animation and illustration programs you will need to develop accurate drawing skills so that you can draw characters, people, scenes and perspectives. Many of the students that come to PortPrep have a goal of applying to Sheridan, Seneca and Calarts for animation. We have designed our curriculum to help you learn how to draw all the required portfolio pieces for applying to these schools.

Get Support on How to Make Your Animation or Illustration Portfolio

Our Drawing Fundamentals In Person Course provides portfolio preparation support throughout the fall and winter until your portfolio is due. We teach you how to draw each type of portfolio piece and give you input on how to improve each drawing including advice on how to make strong personal choice creative artworks. We give input on how to strengthen your portfolio before submitting it.

Increase Your Drawing Accuracy Quickly! Build Effective Drawing Habits and Techniques

Learn how to increase your drawing accuracy under the expert guidance of PortPrep’s head portfolio coach and fundamentals instructor, Karen Kesteloot. She can help you develop an effective approach to drawing using sound methodology that will yield better results in less time. Karen’s approach to teaching drawing helps students attain a higher level of accuracy in less time than conventional drawing instruction methods.

If you are serious about getting better results in less time you will find it’s well worth your time to come to Guelph so that you can get in person input on your drawings. When it comes to drawing from observation, there’s no better way to learn than in person so that your instructor can see what you are drawing from your precise point of view and give you direct and exacting input on how to strengthen your drawing.

Convenient Ways to Learn

We have scheduled the course one every second Sunday to make it easier on your schedule to travel to Guelph just twice per month and selected a studio close to public transit.

Get Free Tutorial Videos to supplement your learning at home between live sessions.

Can’t make it in person to Guelph? Participate via web conferencing streaming service.

Contact Us to Sign Up as a Monthly Subscription or Register for the Bulk Discount of 11 sessions for the price of 10 by clicking below:

Drawing Fundamentals Curriculum

Week 1 Sun Oct 6 - Drawing Methods: 2 Dimensional Characters

Learn how to identify shapes and use negative space to draw characters more accurately. Sound drawing methodologies will be utilized to develop effective drawing habits. Get practice drawing typical Sheridan College Animation Characters or other characters or images for your portfolio.

Week 2 Sun Oct 20 – Character Rotation from Observation

Develop keen observational drawing ability by observing the forms in 3D characters and or objects. Develop the drawing abilities and methods used in Week 1 exercise.

Week 3  Sun Nov 3 – Outdoor Scene Drawing 1

Learn how to draw outdoor scenes effectively with great depth and well structured perspective and form. Discover practical ways to layout the scene in a series of progressive steps that simplify and the process and allows you to build in appropriate amounts of detail.

Week 4 Sun Nov 10 –  Outdoor Scene Drawing 2

Now that you have your outdoor scene laid out it’s time to bring it to life with details, scene dressing and lines that convey emotion and depth.

Week 5 Sun Nov 24 - Drawing Hands Part 1

Learn a step by step process of drawing hands that starts with the creation of a basic geometric under-drawing and progressively adds more detailed forms and anatomical structure. Create a drawing of your own hand anticipating an action. This is great preparation for anyone who is applying to Sheridan’s Animation program.

Week 6 Sun Dec 8 – Drawing Hands Part 2

Now that you learned how to draw one pose of your hand it’s time to try the next pose, carrying out an action. Utilize the same techniques as last time but this time you will notice that your speed and accuracy have increased while you learn more in-depth information about drawing hands. Get input on the first drawing and your current one and learn how to draw effective lines that convey the motion and stressing in the hand poses.

Week 7 Sun Dec 22 – Story Board Character Drawings Review

Bring in your story boards to get assistance with the drawing the characters and scenery accurately. Continue to learn effective drawing techniques with the guidance of the instructor.

Week 8 – Sun Jan 5 Interior Perspective Drawing Construction Methods

Create compelling interior scenes full of life and depth drawn in 2 point perspective. Get a solid introduction into understanding how to draw perspectives from life using a combination of sight measuring and perspective drawing techniques. Select a view point that will create a strong drawing in your portfolio and learn how to build it up with well observed and structured elements. Review Personal artworks and get input to continue working on your own.

Week 9 – Sun Jan 19 Interior Perspective Adding Details and Finesse

It’s time add details and finesse to your interior perspective drawing! Learn how to add scene dressings, furnishings, details and characters. Next learn to create depth and vitality to your scene through expressive line that gives the feeling you want in your scene so you can make a piece for your portfolio you can feel proud of. Review Personal artworks and get input to continue working on your own.

Week 10 – Sun Feb 2 Personal Choice Pieces with Impact

Discover ways to create memorable artworks with high impact in your portfolio. Have some creative fun making unique personal pieces and/or portraiture. Bring previous artworks and ideas with you that you would like help on or come prepared to dream up some interesting pieces.

Week 11 – Sun Feb 16 Improving Your Portfolio Pieces

Bring in your portfolio pieces you’ve been working on to get input and instruction on how to strengthen your portfolio pieces, correct any drawing errors and add impact with effective use of line.

You’ll leave this course with:

·        Greater understanding of the drawing methodology and perspective techniques

·        Several ways to use line in order to express the mood of a scene and improve your overall artistic ability.

·        A clear understanding on how to make your animation or illustration portfolio

·        Greater confidence in your drawing abilities and belief in your future in the visual arts

·        Knowledge of how to draw hands and characters

·        Creative ideas for memorable personal artworks


How will the course work? What materials will I need?

This is a 12 session bi-weekly in person course or monthly subscription that takes place in Guelph Ontario but it can be accessed via online streaming. So if you can’t attend in person, no problem! All you’ll need is a computer of your choice, a scanner or scanning app for your smart phone and some tradition drawing supplies. If you cannot attend in person you may prefer the Animation Fundamentals 1 online course with Garth Laidlaw which covers some similar curriculum.

The course consists of live lessons every second Sunday afternoon in the Eastern Time Zone demonstrating the drawing techniques being taught each week. The class is a 3 hour studio drawing class. If you want to participate online, you will be working from home on the same assignments as the live participants. You will send in your work via emailed scans and photos for input from the instructor.


The Study 3rd Floor, 10C Carden Shared Space at 42 Carden St, Guelph, ON

Down the street from the Via Rail and Go Train Station and Guelph Transit Hub

Or online via Zoom Meetings: A link to the web conference will be shared with you after you have registered.


Sketch book or pad of drawing paper any size but recommend 9” x 12”

18” x 24” cartridge pad or white drawing paper

Colerase or other erasable coloured drawing pencils (light blue, light green, orange, red, dark blue)

Brush pen of your choice

B, 3B, 7B art pencils


Pencil sharpener

2 slightly flexible clear plastic rulers

Computer with Webcam if participating online

Scanner or scanning app.


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