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Are You Worried About Your Drawing Skill Abilities? Learn How to Draw More Accurately with This In Person Hands On Course!

If you are interested in applying to architecture, interior or industrial design programs you will need to develop some inventive design solutions and learn how to visualize your ideas via drawings and models. Many of the students that come to PortPrep have a goal of applying to Ryerson, Carleton, Waterloo, OCADU, Humber and Laurentian. PortPrep has helped students get accepted to these top ranked design schools for over a decade. We have designed our curriculum to help you learn how to design and draw all the required portfolio pieces for applying to these schools as well as other top ranked programs across North America and internationally including schools like Pratt, RISD and Parsons.

Get Support on How to Make Your Architecture or Interior Design Portfolio

Our Drawing Fundamentals In Person Course provides portfolio preparation support throughout the fall and winter until your portfolio is due. We teach you how to draw each type of portfolio piece and give you input on how to improve each drawing including advice on how to make strong personal choice creative artworks. We give input on how to strengthen your portfolio before submitting it.

Learn How Develop Intriguing and Well Thought Out Designs

Creative and insightful designs that solve problems for humanity are essential to include in a successful design portfolio. Learn how to generate intriguing ideas, develop them to high level and present them effectively with visual impact in this 11 session portfolio course. You will learn how to incorporate the elements and principals of design into inventive solutions.

Expand Your Cultural Awareness and Global Thinking Skills

The most significant and successful architects and designers observe how society, the economy, and the environment interact and propose insightful comprehensive solutions for all the stakeholders. Students who reflect society and the problems humanity and the environment are facing in their portfolios have a greater potential to make powerful pieces that leave a lasting impression on the portfolio reviewers.

Increase Your Design Drawing Accuracy Quickly! Visualize Your Ideas via Concept Sketches.

Learn how to increase your drawing accuracy under the expert guidance of PortPrep’s head portfolio coach and fundamentals instructor, Karen Kesteloot. She can help you develop an effective approach to design drawing using sound methodology that will yield better results in less time. Karen’s approach to teaching design drawing helps students attain a higher level of understanding and accuracy in less time than conventional drawing instruction methods.

If you are serious about getting better results in less time you will find it’s well worth your time to come to Guelph so that you can get in person input on your drawings. When it comes to drawing from observation, there’s no better way to learn than in person so that your instructor can see what you are drawing from your precise point of view and give you direct and exacting input on how to strengthen your drawing.

Design drawing differs from other types of artistic drawing and needs a different approach. In this course you will learn how to visualize and sketch your design ideas via both loose concept sketches and more tightly defined structural drawings. Designers need to develop the ability to think in both 2D and in 3D modes and capture the design process into visual presentations that communicate their thought process to the viewer. Design portfolios that show case this process get noticed by the review committee.

Explore Your Ideas via 3D Design Approaches And Model Building Techniques

One of the strongest elements to include in your portfolio is 3D sculptures or scale models. During the course you will learn how to explore and develop your design ideas via 3D concept models.

Discover Ways to Create Unique Art Works that Make Your Portfolio Stand Out

Design schools ask for creative art works in the portfolio requirements. It is recommended to not only have architectural design content but to have various types of highly creative images and art forms. In this course you will get input on the types of creative works you could include with tips, examples, and media demonstrations.

Prepare for Carleton, Waterloo and Ryerson Architecture Portfolio Submissions.

Get guidance and insights into how to prepare for each school you are applying for. Carleton Architecture gives esoteric creativity prompt challenges every year whereas Ryerson Architectural Science gives a sketch test and home creativity test. Waterloo requires a highly creative interview or presentation as part of the application process. If you are applying for interior design at Ryerson you may need to learn how to draw a staircase and Humber requires a still life and a drawing of a chair. OCADU Environmental Design looks for unique concepts and highly imaginative design solutions. Get help preparing for each school’s special portfolio requirements.

Convenient Ways to Learn

We have scheduled the course one every second Sunday to make it easier on your schedule to travel to Guelph just twice per month and selected a studio close to public transit.

Get Free Tutorial Videos to supplement your learning at home between live sessions.

Can’t make it in person to Guelph? Participate via web conferencing streaming service.

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Architecture & Design Portfolio Curriculum

Week 1 Sun Oct 6 - Cultural Awareness and Significant Design Solutions and Idea Generation:

Explore a diverse array of problems that face humanity, the planet and the built environment. Identify an area of interest to shine a light on with evocative and expressive art works that culminate in inventive solutions to a chosen problem. Learn how to develop a strong theme to explore in your portfolio. Learn effective ways to generate creative ideas and evolve your theme into a sophisticated thesis project in your portfolio that reflects who you are and what you care about. Begin the first stage of concept development in thumbnail sketches, automatic drawing and research.

Week 2 Sun Oct 20 – Creative Art Works to Illuminate Your Portfolio Thesis & Intro into Carleton Creativity Prompts.

Get an introduction into several creative ways to make interesting art pieces and watch demonstrations using various media. Explore your ideas for creative art works and start delving into the intriguing creativity prompts Carleton requires of their applicants.

Week 3  Sun Nov 3 – Concept Development and Sketching Techniques & Carleton Creative Prompts 2

Learn how to evolve your designs and ideas for your portfolio and get input specifically on Carleton’s Creativity Prompts or other school’s requirements. Become familiar with design development and concept sketching design techniques that help you explore, develop and visualize your ideas effectively.

Week 4 Sun Nov 10 –  Creative Art Works Techniques & Carleton Creative Prompts 3

Watch demonstrations of how to use various media and explore your ideas for creative and experimental art works that add flair to your portfolio. Continue to evolve your design ideas and creativity prompts for Carleton or other universities. Look deeper into unique ways to interpret the creativity prompts and push the content of your portfolio to higher levels.

Week 5 Sun Nov 24 - Design Development and Presentation Drawing

Learn how to refine your designs and clarify your ideas and visualizations. Follow along with the demonstrations of effective presentation drawing and rendering techniques. Practice using typical architectural illustration media like marker, pastel and pencil crayon with advice from your instructor. Continue to get input on your designs and portfolio pieces.

Week 6 Sun Dec 8 – 3D Design, Model Building and Abstract Sculpting Part 1

An important aspect of a design portfolio is 3D design elements like models and sculptures. Learn both how to design in 3D using “sketch modelling” techniques and how to create abstract sculptures that convey a strong sense of design and space.

Week 7 Sun Dec 22 – 3D Design Part 2

Discover how to evaluate the effectiveness of your designs and determine how to strengthen your designs, models or sculptures. Learn how to use various material and develop the manual skills of cutting, forming and gluing with precision and craftsmanship.

Week 8 – Sun Jan 5 Intro to Perspective Drawing for Design Development

Learn perspective drawing techniques that will help you visualize and present your design ideas with convincing and well structured perspective drawings.

(consider staying for afternoon Interior Perspective Drawing Workshop 2 to 5pm: This workshop is not included in the architecture & Design Portfolio Course. Click the button below the workshop description to register)

Week 8 – Sun Jan 5 Observational Interior Perspective Drawing Workshop 2 to 5pm $65

A great addition to your portfolio are perspective sketches that are drawn from life rather than from theory and imagination. Create compelling interior scenes full of life and depth drawn in 2 point perspective. Get a solid introduction into understanding how to draw perspectives from life using a combination of sight measuring and perspective drawing techniques. Select a view point that will create a strong drawing in your portfolio and learn how to build it up with well observed and structured elements. Review personal artworks and get input to continue working on your own.

Week 9 – Sun Jan 19 Design Development Perspective Drawing 2 Adding Details and Finesse

Continue to build on previous perspective drawings by learning how to add details, finishes, and furniture. Check your perspective for errors and learn how to correct them and watch demonstrations on how to add effective finished drawing line and shade, shadow and colour media.

(consider staying for afternoon Interior Perspective Drawing Workshop 2 to 5pm: This workshop is not included in the architecture & Design Portfolio Course. Click the button below the workshop description to register)

Optional Add On Class Week 9 – Sun Jan 19, 2-5pm Observational Interior Perspective Adding Details and Finesse $65

It’s time add details and finesse to your interior perspective drawing! Learn how to add furnishings, details and people. Next learn to create depth and vitality to your scene through expressive line that gives the feeling you want in your scene so you can make a piece for your portfolio you can feel proud of. Review Personal artworks and get input to continue working on your own.

Week 10 – Sun Feb 2 Ryerson Sketch Test Preparation, Portfolio Order & Intro to Home Creativity Test

Prepare for Ryerson’s sketch test in this mock test that teaches techniques and 3D awareness and structural and perspective drawing. Get an introduction to Ryerson’s home creativity test by learning techniques and contemplating design directions. Learn how to compile, present and determine the best order for your portfolio pieces.

(consider staying for afternoon Interior Perspective Drawing Workshop 2 to 5pm: This workshop is not included in the architecture & Design Portfolio Course. Click the button below the workshop description to register)

Optional Add On Class Week 10 – Sun Feb 2, 2-5pm Personal Choice Pieces with Impact $65

Discover ways to create memorable artworks with high impact in your portfolio. Have some creative fun making unique personal pieces and/or portraiture. Bring previous artworks and ideas with you that you would like help on or come prepared to dream up some interesting pieces.

Week 11 – Sun Feb 16 Improving Your Portfolio Pieces and Review of Ryerson Home Creativity Test

Review the order and presentation of your portfolio with the instructor and learn how to improve the overall presentation and strengthen individual pieces. Put the finishing touches on your portfolio and get input on your Ryerson Home Creativity Test or Carleton Creativity Prompt Pieces.

(consider staying for afternoon Interior Perspective Drawing Workshop 2 to 5pm: This workshop is not included in the architecture & Design Portfolio Course. Click the button below the workshop description to register)

Week 11 – Sun Feb 16 Improving Your Portfolio Pieces

Bring in your portfolio pieces you’ve been working on to get input and instruction on how to strengthen your portfolio pieces, correct any drawing errors and add impact with effective use of line.

Architecture and Design Portfolio Fundamentals 10 Session
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From Sunday October 20th 2019, every other Sunday, until Feb 16th 10 am-1 pm

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