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We’re off to the races, now to finish strong!

Hopefully you’ll have some drawings under your belt from having done the Animation Fundamentals I course, but if you’re simply more interested in the content of this course, that is also fine by us! The general approach for coming up with the creative ideas for your portfolio will be similar, but the exercises we’ll be applying these strategies to will be different.

This course is the same format, but now we’ll be diving deeper into some of the more difficult or newer exercises. In the last few years, the Sheridan Animation Portfolio has added one notable new assignment, the Short Animation, which is quite technically involved to accomplish well, so we’ll have class preparing students for what materials or software they might need.

Also in this Part 2, we’ll spend our last two weeks on the “Personal Artwork” at the end of the portfolio, which is a great way to show your personality and your creative ideas of your own. Storytelling is still at the center of this part 2, and we hope that with every drawing you make you’ll keep this overarching idea in mind: “What story is my drawing telling? How can I increase this quality?”

Although we generally recommend paper and pencil to complete the bulk of the portfolio, the short animation as well as the personal artwork portions are somewhat different, and can be great exercises to broaden what you use to make them.

We look forward to teaching you and giving you all of our knowledge and information about this second part of the portfolio process!


Week 1 - Short Animation Intro + Setup

Starting off in this first week, we’ll discuss first and foremost some of the technical hurdles with shooting animation on paper so that you’re well prepared before you start. Also, for those with an artist’s drawing tablet for a computer, we show you some possibilities to create this assignment digitally too. Also in this week, we’ll go over some of the most fundamental animation principles.

Week 2 - Short Animation I

Now that you have some practice with the basics of animation and have an idea of what your physical of digital animation environment will be, it’s time to begin your 24 - 48 frame object animation. As always, I’ll continue to share techniques to infuse your animation with personality, even in an inanimate object! Just think of the song “Be Our Guest” from The Beauty and the Beast!

Week 3 - Short Animation II

Since animation requires a lot of time to get right, we’ll be spending two weeks on finessing these scenes. It can take some time to get a handle of navigating not just structural form in our drawings, but now the timing and space of those objects to convey the right speed and physics too. While animation can take a lot of time to pull off well it can also be incredibly rewarding too.

Week 4 - Storyboarding Intro

Now that your animation is fairly well established, we’ll be moving on to a storyboarding intro. In this class, I’ll be introducing various different kinds of shots, and how to use each of them effectively. Also in this class, I’ll provide plenty of exercises you can practice on your own to get better at storyboarding. Spoiler: It’s watch and notice the shots in great movies, or in other words, watch lots of great movies!

Week 5 - Storyboarding I

Now that you have some idea of the different shots available to draw, you’ll begin storyboarding the characters that Sheridan has selected for your given year (they rotate several different pre-designed characters each year) and you can begin sketching out some ideas for your own story.

Week 6 - Storyboarding II

By now, you should have several different story options to choose from, and so we’ll be drawing these in better detail and with finer line quality. This will bring together a lot of other assignments already completed throughout Animation Fundamentals 1 and 2 such as character design, perspective, and storytelling.

Week 7 - Personal Work I

Now we’ll be moving on to the first week of developing your personal work for the portfolio. There are some different ways of thinking about what is most effective and important to include in this section of the portfolio. It’s important to select pieces carefully for this, as it is your best opportunity in this entire portfolio to stand out and show your creativity and personality.

Week 8 - Personal Work II

In this second week we’ll be continuing with your personal work, hopefully completing 1-2 pieces, and leaving with a good plan for creating the rest, keeping in mind which areas of your drawing skills you’d like to highlight.

You’ll leave this course with:

  • The incredibly valuable subtext between the sparse lines of description of the portfolio requirements

  • A greater understanding of the quality of artwork expected to enter into the Animation program

  • A variety of different tools to begin thinking about each of the assignments

  • Reinforced confidence in your creative process by consulting the right references and resources prior to beginning

  • The understanding that “strong storytelling” is the umbrella that all aspects of the animation portfolio should aim for

  • A complete knowledge of the expectations of the portfolio reviewers

  • A list of new resources and artists to look into afterwards to inspire and encourage your artistic path

There are only 20 spots available in this course! And the early bird sale will be on until September 30th 2019.

How will the course work? What materials will I need?

This is an 8-week online course, so all you’ll need is a computer with internet access to receive the lessons (desktop or laptop), a camera or cell phone to photograph your drawings, and materials to create your artwork with. Pencil is recommended over digital at this early stage in your artistic career: “With great power comes great responsibility!” - Stan Lee.

The course consists of 8 extensive video lectures demonstrating each week’s assignment, and then a live online meet up where I’ll critique the work handed in by email. At this critique you’ll have the opportunity to ask me questions.

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Animation Fundamentals II 8-Week Class
270.00 300.00
  • Starting Monday January 6th 2019 this class will run for 8 weeks, ending on Monday March 2nd

  • Group meet-up at 7-8 pm beginning after first week

  • Online forum to discuss course content with peers

  • Will leave course with greater visual storytelling and character design skills

  • $40 is non-refundable, but the rest is

  • Save $30 on 2 classes with promo code 2CLASS, and $60 on 3 classes with promo code 3CLASS!

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