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PortPrep offers coaching services designed to help college applicants make a winning art portfolio to increase their chances of getting into an art or design program of their choice.

Students can choose to hold a video chat in the comfort of their own homes or visit the studio in Guelph, Ontario Canada to receive in person coaching. Students send their portfolio images via e-mail in advance so their works can be reviewed before the scheduled coaching time.

Coaching is provided by “The Admissions Insider” Karen Kesteloot, an experienced art instructor who once reviewed portfolio submissions of applicants at Sheridan College. Karen’s known as the Admissions Insider because 100% of her students have been accepted. She’s got the inside scoop of what is needed to get accepted into even the most competitive high ranking art schools.

Services We Offer

Portfolio Coaching Services

Choose from 3 coaching packages we offer to best fit your needs; Starving Artist, Striving Artist and Thriving Artist. We’ve got something for every budget and any creative goal. Click below to order the package that’s right for you.

Request a custom course to focus on improving particular skills necessary to make a quality portfolio. No matter what your skill level and rank of university you are applying for we can help you achieve your creative goals.

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portfolio assesment

FREE Portfolio Assessment

Are you worried that your portfolio might not be good enough to get you into your dream school? Do you want an extra vote of confidence? Learn how to make your portfolio better. Get your FREE Portfolio Assessment to set your mind at ease.

Think you don’t need to improve? Then think again! The best schools have 30:1 odds. Make sure you’re one of the lucky few to get in!

Send us your artworks via e-mail and we’ll set up a free video call to review your work.

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Proven ARTS Answer

Do you love DIY Videos? Here’s your answer to making a DIY Winning Art Portfolio with the power to get you accepted into your top choice college.

PortPrep’s The Proven ARTS Answer Tutorial Video Series teaches you everything you need to know to make an impressive portfolio.

You’ll learn what to put in your portfolio, what not to and what order to put it in. Go to Vimeo On Demand to rent or buy your videos today. Just click the button below now.

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Students Success Stories

Listen to what students say about Karen’s helpful instruction. She has given them great tips on what to include and how to order the content of their art portfolios. All of her students have been accepted by following her advice., Find out if Karen’s coaching is right for you by hearing what they have to say about the coaching services offered at PortPrep.

“I got accepted to Ryerson’s Interior Design as well as Urban and Regional planning and OCAD’s Environmental design( second year). I am so grateful for all your amazing advice and help. Thanks a lot.”

– Pooneh


Info for Parents

parents-newAs a parent, you want your child to succeed and protect your investment in their education.

PortPrep saves time and money getting your child properly prepared. High school or local art courses cannot provide the targeted efficient training your child needs to make a successful portfolio. Learn how PortPrep can provide your child the training they need and give you peace of mind.

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Info for Students

students-newYou may have built an excellent grade point average, excelled in the core subjects and have taken up credits for art classes before you graduated from high school. But will they be enough to prepare you for what’s in store for college?

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video-newKaren regularly publishes video tutorials on how to improve your drawing skills, as well as interviews with highly successful people to inspire students on how they can get into arts college.

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gallery-newPortprep ensures that a students portfolio after receiving coaching is far superior to what they have started out with and ensures that students can understand why and how the improvements were made.

Click here to see how we help improve their art portfolios that have gotten them into college.

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